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As a media and professional writing instructor, I believe that the basis of a successful career begins with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. My mission is to inspire and empower my students to pursue their passions in media and writing, while also equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. 

NAZ Today News

Faculty Advisor

Since the fall of 2015, I assumed the role of Instructor for Journalism 251, a journalism workshop course where Northern Arizona University students participate in a hands-on, live broadcast news experience. In the time that I have been the instructor for this class, we have won the first-place award from the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts three times for the Television Newscast category. The video linked here showcases our most recent win.


For this, and the other award-winning news programs, I lead and supervised the student production crew, provided guidance for the director and technical director, and back-timed the shows.

Indigenous Youth Media Workshop

Broadcast Director

Every summer, Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication hosts a one-week production workshop for Native American High School students. The participants spend the week immersed in a college learning environment and work to create stories that speak to their own experiences and communities. The culmination of their work is a live-to-tape television production where they showcase their stories while also handling many of the behind-the-scenes production duties.


My primary function for the workshop is as an instructor for television studio production, radio broadcasting, and support for field recordings. For the 2023 production linked here, I also took on the role of Director.

Indigenous Youth Media Workshop

Broadcast Technical Director

This production example is from the Indigenous Youth Media Workshop in 2022. The purpose of the workshop is to encourage Native American High School students to consider careers in broadcast media and journalism. This live-to-tape studio broadcast highlights the hard work and narrative creation of the students.


As with the previous example, my central role in the workshop is as an instructor for television and radio production, as well as support for the students while they record their stories in the field. For this particular television production, I had the role of Technical Director.

Camp Raymond Promotional Video

Videographer, Editor, Narrator

This final video example highlights my skills as a videographer, video editor, and voice actor. I worked with a local Boy Scout council to produce a video to promote attendance and increase awareness for their summer programs. As an Eagle Scout and father of an Eagle Scout, I was excited to volunteer my time and efforts towards getting more kids to get outside and experience northern Arizona.

NAZ Today YouTube 

Video Archives

To view an archive of my video work at Northern Arizona University that includes news and weather broadcasts (NAZ Today), sports shows (OT Show), and summer workshop examples (Indigenous Youth Media Workshop & Breda University of Applied Sciences), please click on the link for

NAZ Today's YouTube page. This channel provides hundreds of examples of student work from classes I have taught.

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